Our customers appreciate:
We have +100 tons of powder coating on stock in Denmark, which is central warehouse for Scandinavia.
We deliver from day to day in Denmark and between 2-4 days in Sweden.
We have a simple order system with automatically shipping advise, if you want this.
We have service technicians and sales representatives in both Denmark and Sweden.
We have laboratory facilities for test of quality and surfaces and application facilities in Denmark.

Digital tools on your phone:
Our app Powder Calculator is a tool developed for automatical powder application systems, which will help you to calculate all 8 unknown factors, which are in an automatical powder line.
It helps you to get a sinus curve, which fits your system. In addition to that you can visualize spraying overlaps, so that you achieve a constant and homogeneous layer thickness on your component. You can calculate your powder output per minute to achieve the wanted layer thickness. We see big savings in powder consumption and also a better quality.

Powder products adjusted to you:
We make more than 150 new products a year in collaboration with our laboratory. We help you with your requests and needs in comparison to the visual surface. We measure you oven, look at process times and develop a powder, which is fully adjusted to your needs.

Typical problems which we help to resolve:
We which to optimize our painting process, raise quality and lower costs.
We are not satisfied with our surface. We have too much “orange-peel skin” on parts of our products.
We have problems with rust on the edges after a short period of time.
We have problems with pinholes in the surface on some of our parts; on other parts it is not a problem.
We have problems with unlike surfaces on different types of steel.

When we ask our customers
There are many different reasons why they have chosen CWS as collaborator on powder coating, but the common denominator is service and products, which matches their needs.